Nike I and Nike II

Posted December 9th, 2011 by Nancy and filed in Nike Series, Porcelain Art Gallery 2010-11
Nike I and Nike II are the first in a series.  Nike has pushed its way into the world's imagination, supplanting the goddess of victory with shoes.  And she is an avatar.  I love what she has to say about what the modern woman asks of herself.

Nikes I and II

I think of them as sisters, sharing the bones and indelible family traits, but so, so different.  I have a friend who is looking these over, and I gave her a list of all the attributes of Nike II, and it reads like the accomplishments of the A student, the good sister:  The weight of the verbs is heavy and is matched by the power of Nike's magnificent legs.  I placed a mathematical equation at the waist, indicating the dedication to accomplishment and knowledge, using the legacy of Maria Agnesi to do so.  The flower, feminine and tasteful, ready to go from the office to cocktails without missing a beat.  The skirt has a cut-out quality, acknowledging the unreal, the illusory nature of Nike, playing with the Nike that has planted itself in the public imagination, co-opting fantasies.  I love the tidiness of Nike II, and its own truth. Nike I gets me in the gut.  The skirt carries the image of Nike's legs, placed on a larger, plain shape.  Nike becomes the avatar.  The image of the legs evokes a mood both urban and nocturnal.  The surface is bombarded with those damn verbs; an infant's picture, the color of blood, is at the belly.   Both girls are going, but this one has a much more visceral motive.  (Nike I sold, week of 12/5.)  

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