Living Grid Triptych

Posted December 9th, 2011 by Nancy and filed in Living Grid Project

Living Grid Triptych

Living Grid Triptych

39.5"H x 88"W x 4"D

Porcelain, Silk Images on Poster Board Under Encaustic; Glaze, Mason Stains in a Patinated Aluminum Frame

Living Grid, Left Section

Living Grid, Center Section

Living Grid, Right Section

There is inevitably a voyeuristic aspect to this piece.  The images are intentionally in shadow, details not always distinct.  People peer inside, never quite satisfied at what they see.

Living Grid, Close-Up

Living Grid, Side View

I love this view.  The piece is quite disciplined, and the windowpanes express that best.  The stain on these elements across the full width of the piece is its own composition.

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