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The Living Grid Team Luncheon

I couldn't have made Living Grid by myself.  My sister, Rondi Vasquez, began working with me in December of 2008.  Lisa Ellena joined us in early 2009 and the three of us worked until August 2009 to finish the triptych.  During that time, Rondi became increasingly engaged in the project.  In corporate life we would say she took strong ownership.  The picture of her examining the balance of the unfired elements is just right.  She was there fully, heart and mind.  One of the great gifts of my life is to have sisters who care deeply about each other.  I have five of them.  A feast.  A banquet.  And Rondi was in alignment with me on Living Grid.  She knew how important the overall composition was, the color balance, the proportion of dark to light and vivid to pale, occupied to empty.  How important matte glazes were, the degree of stain needed on the windowpanes. When Lisa joined us she brought great strengths, as well as fitting beautifully into a team, even bringing a love of thin porcelain with her.  Her training and nature ensured that her work was skillful and thorough.  She helped to make sense out of the dozens and dozens of test glazes and stains, and the tiles.  She built frames for us to use in assembling the elements, and worked so patiently with slip and clay, the jeweler's beads and wire.  And wax!  So much wax!  I'm sure there were a number of assignments that seemed nutty to her, things I had to try.  She was always so patient and cooperative. At the end of Living Grid, Rondi and I wanted to see how the elements could be placed in a smaller frame, and how we could play with the relationship of the windowpanes to the view, both inward and outward.  Yes, the concept, elements and assembly were what I created for Living Grid, and I was the producer.  But Rondi and I worked so closely on the Windowpane Series  that it felt much more like a creative collaboration.  The pieces were much smaller, and Rondi made many of the elements.  She did the photography for Out West, Eucalyptus, Sky Wire and Gingko, really excellent compositions.  (Out West is pictured on this site and Eucalyptus will be soon.) Rondi and Lisa, thank you both for giving so generously of your talents.  I could not have had a better team. Also instrumental in the project were Christopher Gay (metal frames), Tony Rotter (wood frames) and Karyn Rovner (frame design).  Those who opened their homes to me for photography were: Kris Rowlen, Andrea Richards, Rondi Vasquez, Helen Simmons, Michelle Symeonides, Edward Polk and Karyn Rovner.      

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