Dress on a Wire

Posted May 5th, 2010 by Nancy and filed in Older Work
I love the possibilities of integrating wire into the dress.  The wire will oxidize during the firing, developing a wonderful patina evoking age, rust, wear. Hanging Wire

Dress: Porcelain, Wire, Wax (SOLD)

Porcelain Dress on Wire II

Porcelain Dress on Wire II (SOLD)

  Porcelain and Wire, Free-Standing. The free-standing wire piece was inspired by Alberto Giacometti whose work I love love love.  And, I love the pink boots.

Alberto I Love You So Much (SOLD)

Older Work

Posted January 18th, 2010 by Nancy and filed in Older Work
This is a piece I created upon the invasion of Iraq by the United States.  The china is from the set we used in my childhood, set on a porcelain sheet and covered with porcelain latticework strips. Click on the title "Older Work" above  to see more. I made this raku piece after I happened upon the Peter Volkous "Stacks" in the Oakland Museum.  The room full of clay reached me viscerally; the collective pieces surprised me with their power.  I couldn't be as muscular as Volkous but I could find the place where the clay and I were partners.  I rented a studio on Harrison Street in San Francisco and began hand building, letting the clay find its voice, touching it as little as possible